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"You wouldn't drink petroleum products, so why would you want to put a plastic straw in your mouth?" So Explore MarZ Kraft straws that are environmentally safe.

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Environmentally Friendly Paper Straws

Discover an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws. MarZ offers a line of FDA-approved and independently tested paper straws that are completely biodegradable. Too many plastic straws end up in landfills or — even worse — in the oceans, where they cause harm to humans and animals. Our paper straws are a safe, convenient, low-cost alternative that decomposes naturally and are absorbed back into the environment after use.

Our Team has over 25 years of Restaurant Management and Manufacturing experience, so we know how important quality and service is to you.

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All of Our Products are Total Quality Assured by Intertek Testing Services

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Due to the high demand for paper straws affecting availability daily, we suggest that you e-mail the QTY you are looking for before placing your orders. If we are temporarily out of stock, we traditionally can fulfill your order within 4 - 8 weeks, if not sooner. Our Minimum order quantity is 200 units.

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